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Fashion Trends for Summer for This Year

Every summer brings a wave of new fashion trends, some that stay here and others that are forgotten with the first mention of autumn. Everyone wants to look trendy, chic and together, but with so many different styles and possibilities it’s too easy to get confused and fit the wrong things. And let’s be honest – all the things we see on the track are so often not suitable for everyday life. So to help you navigate these fashionistas water, here are the main trends this summer and how to wear them.

Width-Leg Pants

It is a staple for any professional woman in the summer because the length and style are suitable for work, and yet it keeps her cool by the airflow. Panties are a way to wear pants with wide legs, and although they are definitely a fashion statement, they are the trend of last season. This summer is all about the explosion of the past: the Bell bottom pants. They might now have a more subtle shape and meet the world of modern fashion, but the unmistakable cut is there. To combine them, you really want to avoid wearing something that leaves you shapeless, because it could make you feel like you’re out in your pajamas. Try a tight-fitting or loose blouse embedded in the pants to give you a definition around the waist and give you a big share.

Floral prints

It is not a revolution, it is a confirmation of something that has been happening for a long time: the flowers are there to stay. Whether in the shape of the currently trendy laser-cut lace or the boldest printed dresses you’ve ever seen, your wardrobe would be better to make room for all the flowers the world will throw at you. Combine this with the fact that fuchsia is the color of the season and we are ready for a colorful ride. Combine flowers with monochrome pieces in complementary tones to make sure you don’t walk as if you’re dressing your five-year-old child.

Large Scratches

The talk of the season are strips. Large and bold colorful stripes. You will see them on dresses, tops, stockings and even shoes. They are literally everywhere and they are definitely an eye-catcher. If you are wearing something with this bold print, you need to be very careful with the pairing. To stay safe, wear these stripes on a whole piece, such as a dress or a jumpsuit, or combine them with a solid tone of the color of one of the stripes.


Although this may not be a “trend”, it is certainly a major change in the industry and worth noting. Our beloved fashion industry is growing and starting to become much more inclusive than before. Above all, he began to take into account that there are people of all shapes and sizes who want to dress in a beautiful and fashionable way. Many brands have expanded their collections to include a variety of sizes, and incredible large clothing stores appear left, right and center. It is time for the industry recognized that people of all shapes and sizes deserve access to the same garments. And while there were certainly plus-size clothes before, they weren’t specifically designed for plus-size people and weren’t as flattering as the pieces we have now. So, with the help of models like Ashley Graham, we see the tracks fill with stunning women of all shapes.

The trends of this season are really a combination of many things we have seen in the past – reinvented. Whether these trends stay here or not, we look forward to wearing them for at least one season and rocking our stripes, and look forward to what the fall collections will bring.

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