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Fashion Trend: Crop Flares

At the moment there is a lot of debate about skinny jeans being “old-fashioned”, and although I personally think they are a classic that will still be popular, I also think this is the perfect time to explore relaxed silhouettes.

If you can’t decide to test mom jeans or the trend for wide legs, short flares are a great way to relax in a new denim style other than a skinny cut. I recently found a couple that I love, so I’ll show you two different spring outfits with them, along with my personal style tips, to pull off this fashion trend.

Tip # 1: As always, the shape is everything! For this style, you want to aim for a pair that adapts to the waist, hips and thighs like skinny jeans, then relaxes at the knee and spreads slightly under the calf. The perfect length is just above the ankle-you want to make sure it exposes the smallest part of your ankle…but shorter than that and you go into Capri territory.

TIP # 2: Choose the right shoes. The great thing about this silhouette is that it works with all kinds of spring shoes – mules, flat sandals, sneakers block heels, wedges, etc.My only limitation here is to avoid shoes that have a wide strap on the ankle, as this will compete with the hem of the pants and make your legs shorter – keeping the ankle bone exposed is key.

TIP # 3: Put your shirt in your pants. Even if you only make a front fold, this is so important to create a long leg line and maintain a flattering silhouette so that your shape is not lost. You can certainly remove diapers with these types of pants, but make sure that the base layer fits or they fit (as I have done here).

I love the cut and feel of this so much that I got it in two colors (I’ll share an outfit after this week with the pair of dark blue denim). The ones I wear here have a little less stretch, which I prefer for white jeans. It is a beautiful thick denim that is not transparent + I have worn them all day and they kept their shape/did not stretch. They also come in small size for those of you who need a shorter step and they are less than 20 right now!

Even though the emphasis is on jeans, I have to highlight this pretty quilted jacket, because it is a great overlay for spring. This sage green color is so trendy this season-plus, it’s less than $25 and comes in small, large and larger sizing! I have found that it is the size – but if you are not sure or in between, I recommend sizing the size so that you can lie comfortably under it.

I can never resist neutrals because they are so versatile and easy to mix and combine. I’ve been adding more of this beigey hue to my wardrobe recently and I particularly like how chic it is when combined with crisp whites. I couldn’t resist this 100% cotton poplin top – it’s the perfect example of a style that’s both casual and high (these sleeves!). This also comes in white and although it is excluded from the current coupon code, it is still on sale (recommend sizing it as it is a spacious fit).

Everything I wear in today’s post is marked as part of the last sale of JCPenney – just use the code YOUSHOP8 at the checkout for additional savings (ends March 31). If you haven’t been shopping there for some time, it’s definitely worth taking a look, because you have so many novelties for spring!

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